Social Groups

The Bridges Foundation sponsors several activity groups throughout Maine’s Cumberland County. The aim of these groups is to foster opportunities for peer interaction, stimulate opportunities for learning and personal growth, encourage respect for self and others, and to have fun while doing all of this! The types of activity groups offered changes with interest and suggestions, so feel free to let us know if there’s something that you think would be appealing to others and we’ll see what we can do! Karate, Cooking, Yoga, Art, Relationship, Drama & Nerf Group are just some of the groups that we’ve featured; our Calendar of events can be found here:

Please RSVP at 207 657 9345 if you’d like to attend one of our groups, as there can be last minute changes to our schedule which do not get posted in real time on this website. Unless it’s noted otherwise, there is no charge to attend any of our groups. Participants must be accompanied by a responsible adult who remains with the participant for the duration of attending any of our programs.