Also referred to as Case Management (though our Service Co-ordination is different, see below!). This can often take the form of providing assistance in matching available programs and resources to your specific needs. We’re more interested in getting the right service in place for you and your family than making certain that the service is coming from US – so we’ll not only be honest about what we might be able to do, but if we can’t help you directly we’re going to do our very best to put you in touch with someone who can. This service is generally wrapped in alongside any of the other services that we provided, so it’s a feature that you can consistently look to us to provide to you, to the very best of our ability.

However, unlike standard Case Management services, if you are receiving some services from us and some services from someone else, we are going to make every effort to collaborate and consistently communicate with any other provider of services you have. It can be extremely critical that there is true coordination of approach when working with an individual, and it’s unfortunate that this does not happen as consistently as it should.

We take this as a fundamentally critical need in service provision and you can count on us to keep everyone informed about what we’re doing, and really encouraging everyone to be equally sharing what they’re doing too. Openness, transparency and communication are vital!