Why do we work in education?

We believe that every individual has the ability to realize their goals and dreams. Knowing this truth allows us to listen and hear each and every person we work with. The Bridges Foundation facilitates the creation of personalized pathways to meet your needs, match your strengths, and support your growth.

Strengths + Challenges – Doubt = Achievement + Success!

We work with you and your team to create personalized pathways to meet your needs, match your strengths, and support your growth.

Our staff begins with identifying your strengths and interests. As a member of your team we acknowledge your challenges and activate your ability to achieve your goals and dreams.

Our team coordinates home, school, and community learning with this personalized approach at the forefront. Building on strengths and reducing the focus on deficits and challenges, creates an environment where self-actualization can mature, develop and grow.

Curriculum Development

The Bridges Foundation can create, modify, and accommodate a wide spectrum of curricular needs for both the student and the school partner.

Curriculum development is tailored to meet the requirements for all stakeholders. Our team listens to each of the partners and generates an appropriate and achievable pathway to academic success.

Working with Guidance Departments

The Bridges Foundation appreciates and recognizes the vital role that school guidance departments play in guiding youth. We seek open partnerships that values the path of each student and individualized goal attainment.

Credit Attainment

Credit attainment towards high school graduation is often a focus area for youth and families who have fallen behind pace for any number of reasons. The Bridges Foundation staff is experienced in discussing, planning, and creating individualized plans that work for the individual, the school, the community, and the state.

Developing and Supporting ELOs (Extended Learning Opportunities)

Extended Learning Opportunities offer students a true opportunity to develop and pursue areas of interest. It is through the experience of identifying interest, planning, asking questions, reflecting, and sharing our experience that we grow as individuals. ELO’s offer a flexible and highly engaging educational opportunity that has the potential for life-long learning.

The Bridges Foundation has worked with youth, families, schools, and community members in developing, guiding, and coordinating Extended Learning Opportunities for credit towards high school graduation.

Transition Work to Adulthood and the World of Work

The Bridges Foundation applauds those who seek independence, growth, and learning through the world of work. Some students require more support in navigating this transition. Whatever the work, and wherever it is, The Bridges Foundation staff are invested in your success.

Specialization on Individual Struggles with Subjects

The Bridges Foundation offers expertise in subject area challenges for youth. We find that with appropriate supports, many can find strengths through their challenges. Our staff provides instruction and assessment that guides the student to success.