Please visit our online organic buckwheat pillow store to shop our current product line of organic buckwheat pillows (hypo allergenic pillows), weighted blankets, weighted vests, organic buckwheat hulls, lavender eye masks, lavender pillows, travel pillows and more.

L-OMA Organic Buckwheat Weighted Blankets™ for Autism, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and more.

The Bridges Foundation produces and sells a variety of products with the hopes of one day fully funding all of the services that we provide to persons with disabilities.  We have owned and operated L-OMA Buckwheat Pillows™ for years and have expanded the business from buckwheat pillows to other buckwheat products; most notably, weighted blankets and weighted vests for individuals with autism.

L-OMA Organic Buckwheat Pillows™

L-OMA Organic Buckwheat Pillows™

It’s our intention to then offer other items of interest regarding autism and developmental disabilities, ultimately creating a destination for consumers interested in resources, products and services regarding autism, physical and developmental disabilities.

Please visit our buckwheat pillow store for a more complete listing and description of our current product line!