Take the opportunity to thrive rather than just survive during these challenging times!

Learning Specialists – Tutors
Certified Special Educators

Mission / Philosophy

The Bridges Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization in Gray, Maine that offers a wide variety of services throughout Maine and New Hampshire. We provide educational, employment, social & recreational opportunities for persons with sensory and/or energetic sensitivities, and learning, emotional and/or developmental disabilities.

We approach these individuals as possessing different skills and abilities, and volunteers devote their time and energy in hopes of creating a new paradigm in service provision to them.

We hope to blend the best aspects of the non-profit and for-profit sectors to work together in assisting the people we support while providing the public with products and services worthy of their dollar, and seeing everyone profit from their work at the same time.

Advising, planning, goal-developing and implementation, staff-development in a variety of professional services.

Proactive behavioral support

Helping children and families navigate systems of educational, psychological, and fiscal support.

Relief in your own home or in the home of a respite provider.

Through our retail business L-oma Buckwheat Pillows.

Interactive peer recreational opportunities which blend educational aspects with pro-social growth.

Managing the many elements of service provided to each child, encouraging collaborative and open communication.

Creating personalized pathways for youth, families, communities, schools, and education professionals.

Accessing as many of our services as are needed to help support children in the most challenging of circumstances.

Supporting children one-on-one to facilitate a variety of learning opportunities.